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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

US Drought 2012 Worst Since Dust Bowl 1930

I don't know if a lot of us yet realize it, but the US is having it's worst drought now in 2012 since the 1930 dust bowl. I'm from Wisconsin and our governor recently declared every county in the whole state a disaster area. Basically we've had two straight months with no rain at all and then extra hot weather. I've already counted at least five or six 100 degree plus days while we usually get about one all summer. And this isn't just Wisconsin, it's over most of the United States this year. 

I don't know if the Chinese version of the HAARP weapon is causing this or what. Apparently president Obama blamed China's new HAARP weapon with causing the severe tornadoes in Joplin, Missouri recently. So my thoughts on this are that we really can't expect other countries not to develop this and use it against us if we've been thought to have used ours, based in Alaska, against them for many years now. We were involved in two wars at the same time for awhile, Afghanistan and Iraq. Jesus Christ said that if we live by the sword we will perish by the sword. We had a lot to do with the overthrow of Libya and probably have secretly armed the rebels in Syria.

And all of this is anti-Christian. We haven't had a real Christian president since Jimmy Carter. Since and including Ronald Reagan all of our presidents have been secret Satan worshippers in my opinion. This isn't living according to the golden rule. Jesus Christ taught to turn the other cheek when a wrong has been done unto you, not to kill 1,000,000+ of others when a few thousand of yours have been killed, as we have done. 

We hear Governor Romney threatening Iran in his recent speech in Israel. No mention that Israel probably has 200-400 atom bombs built with American help. Iran had better not even build one or it sounds he would soon get us into another huge war. The Bible says we are to do nothing by partiality, but Romney's speech had no criticism of Israel for building more and more settlements on West Bank and Golan Heights lands, torturing Palestinian prisoners, it's total blockade on Gaza, ruthless war on Lebanon, etc. I think in Israel we have the "foreign entanglement" that Christian President George Washington warned us to avoid in his farewell address many years ago.

I also don't think we should be turning the little corn we have left into ethanol or it's going to create massive starvation around the world in the upcoming year. We always hear that if you bless Israel you'll be blessed, but the United States has been doing that for years and it seems it's getting cursed and not blessed. That's because the Israel the Bible is talking about isn't this monstrous country in the Middle East calling itself Israel but the Christians. The United States at one time was blessing it's Christian community and then it was blessed. Increasingly Christians in the United States are being persecuted. No longer is there a Nativity scene at the White House. No longer are there movies honoring Jesus playing on television on Easter and Christmas. 

According to Dr. Martin Weiss the United States, far from being blessed is on the verge also of a "financial Armageddon" from it's massive debts. This is a time when a real Christian president, like Jimmy Carter who tried to maintain an impartial policy in the Middle East, would call for a national day of fasting and prayer and to repent. Wake up and smell the coffee America. This drought, recent financial problems, tornadoes and hurricanes are God's handwriting on the wall to us as it was to ancient Babylon.

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In michigan the grass has never been browner. The leaves have all dropped off my maple tree. I don't know if it'll recover (it's nearly 60 years old!)

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