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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Ernest Angley Hour Net Worth Youtube

What is Rev Ernest Angley's net worth? Is it exorbitant? I understand that the 92 year old Pentecostal preacher earns a modest salary. He lives in an ordinary neighborhood. I've met Rev. Angley in person. He has prayed for me, slain me in the Spirit on more than one occasion, and I could definitely feel the power there. I believe that Rev. Angley is a holy man of God, endowed with many gifts of the Holy Spirit. I have often called his 24/7 free telephone prayer line at 330-929-5010 to have one of his sincere prayer warriors pray for a problem or health issue I or one of my loved ones was having, and that definitely has seemed to have helped on numerous occasions. He is an old fashioned preacher who preaches the word of God. I have visited his church in Akron, Ohio and have been impressed with the sincerity and friendliness of his congregation. I wish I lived nearby so I could go there regularly. I think Ernest is rightly named in that he is in earnest.  God bless you, Rev. Angley, for all the good you have done in your 92 years!  To check out his website full of all kinds of good information go to: Ernest Angley.


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