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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Obama Iraq War Troops Withdrawal Promise Still Not Kept

President Barack Obama's Iraq War troops withdrawal promise is still not being kept. President Obama promised in the last presidential campaign to end the Iraq War and to withdraw ALL US troops by the end of 2009, even residual troops. There's still 45,000 American troops in Iraq. And why? There's nothing happening there any more. It's time to get out. 45,000 troops in Iraq every year is expensive. We need to move toward balancing the budget by eliminating this kind of spending. Even former President George W. Bush made an agreement with the Iraqi government that ALL US troops would be soon withdrawn from THEIR country. Because that still hasn't happened the Iraqi government has spoken recently of the American forces as "occupiers." If their government doesn't want us there we have no legal right to remain. Republican presidential candidate Governor Rick Perry of Texas, currently leading in the polls, is very vulnerable because of his very anti-Social Security policy. Perry calls Social Security a Ponzi scheme. His opponent Mitt Romney says Perry is "unelectable" because of his extreme anti-Social Security policy, but President Obama needs to start keeping his campaign promises, especially his oft repeated promise to end the Iraq War and withdraw ALL US troops from Iraq, if he expects to beat him.

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