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Monday, August 22, 2011

Heart Disease Treatment and Prevention - How to Prevent and Cure Heart Disease

Natural Cure For Heart Disease - The Great Cholesterol Lie

"You're About to Discover
What Causes Heart Disease
...And, It's NOT Cholesterol!"

  • Why Everything You Learned About Cholesterol Is A Lie, How It Began in 1948 And Why It Continues... Pages 19-29.
  • Why Statin Medications Will Not Reduce Your Risk Of Heart Disease, And What Will... Pages 40-56.
  • The One Common Denominator Dr. Lundell Saw In Over 5,000 Patients-Inflammation, And How To Put The Fire Out... Pages 63-79.
  • Extraordinary Simple Steps That Prevent And Reverse Heart Disease Without Medication... Pages 81-96.
Dr. Dwight Lundell
Cardiovascular And
Thoracic Surgeon - 25
Years Pioneer - "Off
Pump" Heart Surgery
Beating Heart Hall of Fame
Phoenix List Top 10 Doctors -
Ten Years Performed Over
5,000 Heart Surgeries

Dr. Dwight Lundell
Before You Start Taking, Or If You Are Taking Lipitor, Crestor, Zocor, Mevacor, Provachol, Altocor, Lesacol... or any other statin medication - STOP!!

You Need To Read Dr. Lundell's Alarming Bulletin Immediately, Because...

Dropping Your Cholesterol Levels Will NOT Lower
Your Risk Of Heart Disease, Attack, Or Strokes!

Dr. Dwight Lundell says, "In my career as a cardiac surgeon, I've performed over 5,000 heart surgeries. Most of these could have been easily prevented had the patients been given the right information."

YOU Can Prevent And Cure Heart Disease AND Reverse Damage That's Been Done Without Statin Medication!! Click Here for More Information! 

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