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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Racist Governor "Slick Rick" Perry's Hunting Camp Was Named "Niggerhead"

Is Governor "Slick Rick" Perry of George W. Bush's Texas a racist? Well, we know that a high level official of the Palestine Liberation Organization labeled some of "Slick Rick's" comments "racist and discriminatory. "I was appalled by what he said about ‘moral equivalence,' that there shouldn't be moral equivalence between Israelis and Palestinians. This amounts to taking a discriminatory and racist position," Rashid Areikat said in a Tuesday interview with The Cable.

"I thought the fundamental principles of the United States were to support people who are seeking freedom and liberty and justice and the Palestinian people are doing exactly that," Areikat continued. "To try to give the impression that there's no moral equivalence between the struggle of the Palestinians and the Israelis is really something that requires condemnation. It is really surprising and unacceptable."

Areikat also said that Perry had no authority to call for the closing of the PLO office in Washington, and that doing so would amount to cutting off the relationship between the United States and the Palestinian people.

"Is he really contemplating that the United States loses its leverage in an important region in the Middle East? If he wants to close down the PLO office in Washington he is calling on the United States to call off its relationship with the Palestinian people, who are a crucial player in this conflict. So is that something that is in the interest of the United States? I don't think so."

But back to "Slick Rick's" longtime hunting grounds in west Texas. He bought this back when he was a private citizen and before he started his 25 year career as a career politician. The place came with a large rock at the entrance with the racist comment "Niggerhead" prominently displayed. So when did "Slick Rick" turn the hate speech kind of rock around? Many years later.


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