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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Andrew Breitbart Is Dead, What Was The Cause Of His Death?

I was no fan of Andrew Breitbart. In fact, I hardly knew who he was when I heard the report on Fox News of his death recently, just a month past his 43rd birthday. Breitbart, I found, had been married to a Susie, the daughter of Orson Bean, and had lived in the Los Angeles area. He was apparently known as a conservative blogger, for his hot temper, and for at times stretching the truth. None of that makes him too popular with me, but more than one of his former friends think that he was murdered, strangely enough.

Someone compared the dead Breitbart with the DC Madam, Deborah Jeane Palfrey. Deborah Jeane had already revealed that her list of clients included none other than Vice President Dick Cheney and Republican Senator David Vitter of Louisiana. But she was threatening and vowing to name thousands of her clients, and then she was found dead by hanging in Florida. Obviously this could have been suicide. She was having a lot of problems and facing a possible 5 to 6 year prison sentence. But she also could have written a tell-all book that could have made her millions. So was this really suicide or murder?

Andrew Breitbart was out walking after midnight. He was overweight. He had some heart problems. But a lot of our "news" media was quick to claim that Breitbart died of natural causes when there was yet no evidence either way. But then, Breitbart had earlier made the strange prediction, "Wait 'til they see what happens March 1st." March 1 just happens to be the day he died of "natural causes" at only 43, but also it seems the day he was perhaps planning to come out with explosive videos about President Obama, who is receiving hundreds of millions of dollars from various powerful interests to be re-elected president.

Said the now dead Breitbart: “The videos are going to come out, the narrative is going to come out, that Barack Obama met a bunch of silver ponytails in the 1980s, like Bill (Ayers) and Bernadine (Dohrn), who said one day we would have the presidency, and the rest of us slept as they plotted, and they plotted, and they plotted and they oversaw hundreds of millions of dollars in the Annenberg Challenge and they had real money, from real capitalists. Then they became communists. We got to work on that. That is a parenthesis. Barack Obama is a radical, we should not be afraid to say that! Okay? And Barack Obama was launched from Bill and Bernadine’s salon. I’ve been there.”

So are these explosive videos that a lot of powerful people didn't want released, just as a lot of powerful people didn't want the DC Madam coming out with her list of clients, EVER going to be released to the American people? Don't hold your breath waiting for them.


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