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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Paul Ryan WI Class War Budget Plan

Congressman Paul Ryan of Wisconsin's budget plan is class warfare of the rich on the poor, there's no other way to describe it. This budget would effectively demolish both Medicare and Medicaid, because it would allow seniors the choice of staying in the plan or opting for a private plan. The only reason Medicare works is because it's not optional. Then Ryan's budget effectively chops up Medicaid into block grants to the states. You know that in many states seniors and the poor would get nowhere near what they're getting now.

Food stamps would be cut drastically. Pell grants for students for job training would be cut drastically too. What wouldn't be cut is military spending. Ryan's budget puts back the $55 billion President Obama's budget tries to cut from the bloated defense budget. Keep those senseless military bases going in Germany.

At the same time the poor are getting less with this budget the rich, such as Paul Ryan, are getting more. There's an across the board tax cut for the rich from paying 35% to paying just 25% of their income in taxes. But doesn't everyone get a tax cut? No! The rest of us would have our tax rates remain exactly the same at 10%. So Ryan and his Republican buddies are playing Robin Hood in reverse, stealing from the poor and then giving it to the rich.

Does Paul Ryan share part of the pain with his salary getting reduced somewhat? No sir! No ma'am! His salary remains just the same. So who exactly is Mr. Paul Ryan? His Wikipedia biography describes him as a Roman Catholic. So aren't Roman Catholics supposed to be Christians? Didn't Jesus Christ teach giving alms to the poor? Helping the poor? So why not Ryan?

I'm sorry, I would call this an antichristian budget. St. Francis, who started out wealthy, sold all he had and gave it to the poor. That's Christianity, not this class war on the poor Republicanism we have now. And so what did the likely Republican Party nominee for president, Mitt Romney, think of this budget? He's all for it, which should make us think twice about who we're going to vote for this November.


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