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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Mitt Romney Got Rich Outsourcing US Jobs Overseas

Mitt Romney admits his net worth is about $200 million which could make him the richest US president ever. And just how did Mitt get so wealthy? By helping to teach US companies how to outsource their American jobs overseas. As governor of Massachusetts Mr. Conme, or Romney rather, vetoed a bill that would have outlawed outsourcing. This opened up a huge number of Massachusetts jobs moving out of Massachusetts to India.

We know the last "elected" Republican president, George W. Bush, signed one job outsourcing free trade agreement after another with countries like China, India, and Peru. Would a President Conme, or Romney rather, be more of the same? As CEO of Bain Capital the company outsourced many of it's plants overseas and even now is advertising itself as an expert in outsourcing. US Vice President Joe Biden has accused Mitt Romney, the front-runner Republican presidential candidate, of outsourcing jobs to India when he was the Massachusetts Governor.

"When he (Romney) was Governor of Massachusetts, he vetoed a bill passed by the Massachusetts legislature that would have stopped the state from outsourcing contracts overseas. That resulted in millions of dollars flowing to companies running call centers in India," Biden said in a campaign speech in Davenport, Iowa.

It's no surprise that Massachusetts was losing manufacturing jobs twice as fast as the rest of the country while Governor Romney was in charge. The third worst rate in the country, Biden alleged.

"We're both talking about tax cuts to manufacturers. The difference is: Our tax cuts go to companies that create jobs over here. Governor Romney's tax cuts go to companies that create jobs overseas. It's fundamentally different philosophy from ours," Biden said.

Romney is leading among the Republican presidential aspirants to bag the party's nomination to challenge Barack Obama in the November elections.

Biden also claimed that manufacturing was coming back. "And that's good news for America, and for America's middle class. 430,000 new manufacturing jobs since January 2010. More than 15,000 right here in the state of Iowa. Fastest growth since the 1990s," he said.

"After years of hearing about outsourcing, a new word has come into our vocabulary: insourcing. Jobs that left the United States are coming back. Plants that closed are opening, reinvented," the US Vice President said.


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