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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Austin DUI DWI Attorney

An Austin, Texas DUI/DWI Attorney that I can recommend is Chambers & Associates. Their 24 hour a day legal helpline is (512) 474-1404. Contact them for a free review of your case.

"Have you or a loved one recently been arrested in Austin, Texas? We would very much like to help you if you don’t already have an attorney. At this critical time it is extremely important that you know your legal rights before appearing in court.

To help you understand what you can expect from the criminal justice system, we offer a FREE initial review of your case with no obligation to retain our services.

Should you decide to retain our services, we offer payment plans and in many cases do not require a down payment. For your convenience, we also accept most debit and credit cards.

Please call us now at (512) 474-1404 or click here to set up an appointment for a FREE office consultation. Weekend and after-hours appointments are available.If you are unable to call during normal working hours or if you have an emergency that demands the immediate attention of an attorney – such as a jail release or warrant, please feel free to call our 24-hour legal help line at (512) 474-1404.
Your Criminal Defense Lawyer’s Goal

Our goal as your criminal defense attorney in Austin is to get your case DISMISSED. We have over 20 years of experience defending persons charged with criminal offenses. Whether you have been arrested and charged with:

Driving while Intoxicated -- DWI / DUI
Assault Charges
Domestic / Family Violence Cases
Drug Cases / Offenses – possession of marijuana, cocaine, pills, etc.
Driving while License Suspended / Invalid – DWLS / DWLI
Theft / Shoplifting
Probation Revocation – MTRP / ATRP
Or any Misdemeanor and Felony

We are here to keep you out of jail, informed of your rights and your record clean. It often feels that the law is not on your side. We’ll work to make the law work for us. The legal justice system is complex. Experience in the ever-changing legal system of Travis (Austin), Williamson (Georgetown), and Hays (San Marcos) Co is important to build a defense to get your case DISMISSED. Contact the office now at (512) 474-1404 or click here to set up an appointment for a FREE office meeting.
What Sets Us Apart?
What you can expect if you hire Chambers & Associates

We have a 20 year track record obtaining DISMISSALS on some of the most difficult cases. Some of the reasons we have done so well historically:

David Chambers will personally work on your case
Some law firms tout the many attorneys they employ or have employed. We take a personal approach to each case. We believe personalized attention to each case is essential to the positive outcome. Cases are very complicated, requiring knowledge of not only case details, but also of you and what is going on in your life. David Chambers will always work on your case personally and use his best efforts to achieve the best outcome possible. Contact us for a free consultation and case review.

We have an entire staff dedicated to your case
Our team is your team. Our team is dedicated to researching the details of your case, keeping you informed – and on track, sorting through the confusing criminal justice system, and helping you know where to go and what to do.

Affordable legal fees and payment plans
Just like you, we work hard and need to watch every dime. When we hire someone, we want the very best work for the very best price. We remain committed to providing the best defense for the best price. You can be sure you’re getting the best representation for the money. We’ll take a look at your financial situation and create an affordable payment plan, often with no money down.


If someone is in jail or has a warrant, IMMEDIATELY call our 24-hour line at (512) 474-1404. We can quickly find an inmate or warrant in the Travis, Williamson and Hays County jails and secure their release. When someone has been arrested or has a warrant, your first call to secure bail or a bond should be to an attorney. Lawyers can get inmates released from jail. The jail release fee can be applied to the legal representation in most cases. Call our 24-hour line at (512) 474-1404 for immediate assistance with jail release or warrant and inmate search. Using the Travis County warrant and inmate search, we get immediate access to the information needed to perform a jail release for your loved one. In most cases, we can secure bail or post bond within hours. For fast assistance with jail release, call our 24-hour line at (512)474-1404." From http://www.chambers-law.com/
Law Offices
1104 Nueces St, Ste 208
Austin, TX 78701


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