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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Green Bay Packer Merchandise

Are you looking to buy great Green Bay Packer merchandise at great prices? Well, you've come to the right place. It just so happens that Amazon.com, a member of the Better Business Bureau, has new, used, and refurbished products of all kinds, including Green Bay Packer merchandise, at very competitive prices that can match or beat eBay, WalMart, etc. Including Green Bay Packer clothing, Green Bay Packers shirts, Green Bay Packers jackets, Green Bay Packers sweatshirts, Green Bay Packers memorabilia, cheap Green Bay Packers jerseys, Green Bay Packer hats, Green Bay Packers t shirts, Green Bay Packers gifts, Green Bay Packer apparel, Green Bay Packers helmets, Green Bay Packers gear, and Green Bay Packers merchandise of all kinds. Head on over there to check it out by clicking on the following link: Green Bay Packer Merchandise

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How Can The Rich Help The Poor?

How can the rich help the poor? I'll tell you how. I'm a poor minister. I'm a poor minister. I work in a factory. I drive an old, rusty 1985 Chevy Citation. My mechanic tells me I need a newer car right away but I don't have any money for one. It's so rusty the frame has started to crack. It's literally being held together with a wire so the frame doesn't rub on one back tire and give me a flat. And I need this to drive 12 miles and back to work every day to keep my paychecks coming in. And now the transmission is starting to go. I need this to get to work every day and for my ministry activities. I might be able to get a newer one right now for $500 but have no money and bad credit. So if you want to know how can the rich help the poor, here's how. Mail a check or money order for all or any part of the money I need, anything will help, to:

Rev. Roger Bovee
PO Box 404
Wautoma, WI 54982 USA

Or if you prefer, you can donate immediately to my Paypal account by clicking on my Paypal button at the following link: http://begslist.org/help-pay-bills/how-to-help-the-poor-and-the-needy Please take action right now and I know that God will bless you now and for eternity for it. Thanks and God bless you!

How Can The Rich Help The Poor?

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