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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Best Acne Cures

Acne is an embarrassing skin condition that affects over 80% of people from their teens to their thirties. Despite its prevalence, it remains without a cure, until now. To go directly to the Overnight Acne Cure website Click Here! While the medical community has not been able to fix the problem easily, medical advances in recent years have led to the formulation of many workable products that produce all the effects of what will one day be the best acne cures. And the best acne cures vary from individual to individual.
Acne is caused by the overproduction in the skin of an oil called sebum. The best acne cures need to offer some foolproof way to regulate this. Unfortunately, the condition is not yet well enough understood to cure acne once and for all. There are, however, a range of topical and oral tools that can make the management of the problem as effective as a cure. Sometimes age can be acne's natural cure. For those who prefer to take a more proactive stance, though, there are a great many products that can affect results similar to a cure.
One of the most effective oral treatments developed to date for acne is a medication that can be used at home, simulating for most the effect of the best cures. Accutane must be prescribed first by a doctor, and although it must sometimes be taken for six months before a real improvement can be seen in the skin, the long term results have been very positive, as much as any cure. Accutane is a strong drug and can have harsh side effects. It has cleared the skin completely for many acne sufferers. Your doctor will usually prescribe some milder medications before trying Accutane, but for a lot of sufferers for whom nothing else has worked, it can bring all the results of an acne cure.
For those suffering with milder forms of acne, there are many different products that can act as natural acne cures. Dietary supplements, such as folic acid, echinacea and zinc have great effects upon the skin, without introducing harsh and foreign chemical substances into the body. A healthy diet and a good cleansing routine are also very important, as these are the basic tools for a healthy skin, that will give your body the weapons it needs to fight acne effectively.
So, what are the best acne cures? They are around, but they vary from individual to individual according to the amount of severity of the acne they suffer.
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