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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Lose Weight Fast By Walking on a Treadmill

Can you lose weight fast by walking on a treadmill? Yes, you can. I would suggest an hour at a time, twice a week. Or you can just run within your house if you don't have  treadmill. That's what I have done. Just fast enough so that you could carry on a conversation with someone if you wanted to. Chromium picolinate is known to be a supplement that can help you lose weight. You need to take it consistently for several months. Green tea is known as an aid in losing weight also. It helps flush excess water out of the body. Maybe three cups or more a day. 

In general the more vegetarian your diet is the easier it will be to lose weight. Meats are very fattening: especially pork of all kinds because the fat is embedded within the meat making it impossible to cut it out as you can with some meats. Drink a lot of water when you're dieting, also. Water contains no calories but your stomach will feel full when it's full of water. 

It's also good to fast a day or two every week. For 24 hours at a time. You can eat extra before starting your fast day to give you some extra reserve to go the 24 hours. Drink plenty of water when you're fasting and you can also allow black coffee or tea. This allows your stomach to get caught up in digesting the food that's already in there. People who never fast often have a lot of undigested food in their stomachs. This can even make you sick and eventually even kill you, as it did for Elvis Presley and John Wayne.  I know from experience that if you use these tips you will lose weight and keep it off!

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