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Sunday, September 13, 2015

Alison Parker Shooting Fake?

Was the Alison Parker shooting fake? I hate to believe that in the United States we now have a government and news media of perpetual liars, but it seems we do. The Iraq War was based on numerous lies, for example. 9/11 was likely a hoax designed to set the stage for wars the system wanted, Afghanistan and Iraq. Did a Boeing airplane really hit the Pentagon, when the hole in the Pentagon was much smaller than the size of a Boeing airplane? See the video below:
All I say is these kind of lies have been going on for a long time. It is well known that the United States blew up the Lusitania to create an excuse for entering World War 2 against Germany, for example. See the video below:
So you know why I'm skeptical about all of these kind of cases. So now you have a black guy supposedly killing a white woman. Seems to be no blood stains anywhere though. She was supposedly shot 3 times from close range, yet turns and runs away, with no evidence of any blood anywhere. Her father, who is a broadway actor, then shows up all over television, fighting for gun control. He acts like he's crying, but no tears. Maybe because she's not really dead. Her boyfriend comes out right away and he's smiling and laughing. Not appropriate emotions if she had really died. The shooter supposedly was on a high speed chase away from the police, yet took the time to stop and post on Twitter, saying she had made racist comments to him, and also that he had filmed the shooting himself and had it posted on his Facebook page. So all of this seems to be another elaborate scheme (Boston Marathon "massacre" and Sandy Hook very similar) designed to promote a race war and gun control. Remember Jesus Christ ordered his disciples to buy swords just before his arrest, although we are told to "Do violence to no man." Remember when the Communists took over in the Soviet Union they immediately instituted gun control and then killed 55 million people. Don't let that happen again here. See the video below about Alison Parker: