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Sunday, February 5, 2012

"America Is About To Fall" Pamela Schuffert From American Holocaust

Is America about to fall? Is America about to be judged? Is America about to end? Yes, according to Pamela Schuffert. She recently had a dream showing America falling into enemy hands. Pamela should be listened to because her father was a high level officer in the Air Force and also a Satanist who got converted to Christianity on his death bed. He then revealed to her that there are a LOT of Satanists in the US military and something about their plans for America.

She found out more when she stayed for a time with an Elaine who had been a high level Satanist who came out of it and became a Christian. So Pamela Schuffert has been reporting on the New World Order's plans for many years now. She reported that the US and Europe have been stockpiling guillotines and training troops to use them under a coming planned martial law. Concentration camps have been set up in America since the Clinton administration, fully staffed, just with no inmates...YET!

Pamela has reported how the American government has purchased railroad cars equipped with shackles on the insides to transport people to the death camps. She has reported how many foreign troops are already IN America, on military bases, being trained to round up Americans under martial law. She has also reported how a large number of Communist Chinese troops are now just over the border in "ally" Mexico. She also has reported that new American military officers are being required to sign an oath that they are willing to unconstitutionally fight against American citizens. See http://americanholocaustcoming.blogspot.com/2012/02/learning-from-titanic-putting-god-to.html


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